Hello there,

I’m Daphne and it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’d be delighted to be your newest indulgence and confidant!

Growing up, despite possessing everything required to master the conventional way of life, I was still always drawn to the unusual, the off-the-beaten path. I guess it’s no surprise that I’ve chosen to be a companion at this stage in my life.

I consider myself a devotee of whatever awakens the senses and the mind. Sumptuous, luxurious meals that delight the palate. Traveling to new cities and getting caught up in wanderlust. Deepening my understanding of the world. Getting to know someone — their backstory, their viewpoints, their preferences — and creating a long-lasting connection with them.

My friends often describe me as soft-spoken, feminine, and sweet, interspersed with a rebellious side and a curious mind. In my spare time, I seek to create joy in my consciousness, and my joy lies in making more human connections, learning something new, and surrounding myself with beautiful environments, activities, ideas, and things.

Our quality of life is dictated by the quality of the company that we keep, and I kindly extend an invitation to you in my journey of enjoyment. I am a true companion in every sense of the word, so I love engaging in dinner dates, overnights, and travel. Tell me what you have in mind for us, and I’d be happy to join you.

xoxo, Daphne